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ARISE Mission

Reaching out to substance abusers

Recognized by industry leaders as the original Invitational Intervention protocol, A Relational Intervention Sequence for Engagement (the ARISE Intervention) is an Evidence-Based, Best-Practice method of Intervention and Continuum of Care that harnesses the power of the family to achieve its mission for individual and family long-term recovery through Family Motivation to Change.

Interventionist Training

ARISE trainees in roleplay

The ARISE Interventionist training program continues to raise the standard for intervention training in both practice and principle across multiple platforms. The training we offer is in the ARISE® Model. This is the only Evidence-Based, Best Practice method approved by BRI for becoming an intervention specialist. The program can be used to start your practice as an intervention specialist and then offers additional educational and clinical training to further your professional development and acquire more advanced certifications. As leaders in the professionalization of the intervention field, we strive to be more than a premiere provider of interventionist certification–our goal is to foster community amongst our network so that you’ll find ever-expanding opportunities to connect, collaborate with and learn from a like-minded group of professionals who share the mission of helping families achieve health and long-term recovery. 

ARISE Network

Certified ARISE Interventionist map

We are proud of and grateful for our international network of Certified ARISE Interventionists and ARISE alumni, a community of dedicated, like-minded professionals committed to recovery and to leading the field in providing the highest quality service to all those individuals and families in need of help. The ARISE Network is a global chain of professionals committed to maintaining integrity among intervention specialists and building ethical referral channels the entire network can contribute to and benefit from.

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